Sitefinity Development Services

Sitefinity Development Services

Sitefinity is a Content Management System (CMS) that can power any websites, small and big, but it designed for the enterprise sector so that it will be the best for large complex websites. Sitefinity designed to support high load and complex website structure, but at the same time, it is easy to use and customize. Sitefinity CMS is developed using MVC and will be familiar to any MVC developer.

Why choose Sitefinity

Sitefinity is one of the oldest CMS systems on the market. It is around for more than ten years and power thousands of websites. Sitefinity offers secure content management, and for the last ten years, it was no reports of any security issues related to Sitefinity. The CMS provides many connectors to connect your website to external systems, such as Salesforce or Sharepoint. It supports Active Directory Authentication to allow easy login functionality within your organization (SSO).

My experience as a Sitefinity developer

I work as a Sitefinity CMS developer when delivering a website for Wind Mobile, a Canadian mobile operator. My focus was on the installation, configuration, backend development for Sitefinity. I was responsible for developing new sections, pages, and supporting UI developers who were working on the User interface, HTML, and CSS. I developed a product catalog and integrated it with the Microsoft eCommerce platform. I have strong experience with Sitefinity and can deliver a high-quality complex website.

Sitefinity development services I provide

If you're looking for a Sitefinity developer, let me know. My expertise in this role will help you to build a quality and reliable website for your business.

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Alex Shapovalov is a .NET Software Developer with 10+ years of experience. Alex specialized in software development for Web, Windows and Mobile using Microsoft .NET platform. Contact me to learn more about my services.

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