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Coveo is an enterprise search engine platform which allows you to add custom search to your website. It is one of the most popular and quickly growing custom search platforms that serves thousands of small and large businesses.

Why do you want to choose Coveo?

Coveo is a fast, reliable, and sophisticated search platform that supports a large amount of data and multiple sources of information.

Coveo supports many sources, including sources such as Microsoft exchange, Confluence, Dynamics 365, which are very useful for enterprise users who need a custom search inside of their organization.

Coveo provides intelligent and predictive search suggestions based on Machine Learning.

Coveo supports custom templates for smooth user interface integration.

What is my experience with Coveo?

I worked with Coveo as a developer for about two years. During that time, I delivered two big projects where I have to integrate Coveo with the website and

The integration included development templates, source configuration, and writing custom pipeline extension using Python.

coveo development

What Coveo development services I provide?

If you are looking for a Coveo expert to integrate or customize Coveo for your website, do not hesitate to hire me. I provide Coveo integration services, source configuration, pipeline extension development, and templates development services for Coveo. I am an experienced software developer who will be an asset to your project.

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