Git Tutorials

How to undo last commit in Git

There are a number of ways to undo changes you commit into a git repository, it depends on what exactly you want to change or undo and how. For example, the most common task is to change comment text for your commit, in this case, you can follow instructions from How to change last commit message in…

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Git Tutorials

How to change last commit message in Git

Sometimes you did make a commit, but forget to add ticket number into commit message, or realized than commit message is incorrect or contain some spelling mistakes. In git you can easily change last commit message without changing any files, just with one line. git --amend -m "your new commit messa…

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Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure logging

Windows Azure has built in logging support, which can be used in any Azure application. Azure use System.Diagnostic namespace and have a number of static methods on Trace class Trace.TraceError(...); Trace.TraceWarning(...); Trace.TraceInformation(...); Trace.Write(...); The advantage of using this…

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Asus Rt Ac66u Router

How to setup DNS on Asus RT-AC66U router

There is a great service which helps watching Netflix for US region, as well as different services, such as Spotify. The service provides DNS addresses, which can be setup on Windows machine, Xbox or router to allow all devices to have access to US content. The service is pretty cheap…

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Yaplex is a custom software development company co-founded by full-stack .NET Software developer Alex Shapovalov who lives in Mississauga, ON and provides software development services in Mississauga and GTA.

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