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Free Audiobooks At Audible. Rent Audiobooks

How to rent books with Audible

As many of you know, you can buy audiobooks from Audible, but not all of you know then you can also rent books from Audible, although Audible does not call it "renting" and does not advertise anywhere on their website renting option. The service called Great Listen Guarantee and what it is doing, is…

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Sql Server Tutorials

How to run programs as a domain user from a non domain computer

On my current contract I have to develop and support SSIS packages for multiple versions of SQL server and in order to work with multiple versions, I am running a virtual machine.

The problem with virtual machines they are not connected to active directory, and in most cases, I need to connect to SQ…

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Orchard Cms

How to change all URLs to lowercase in Orchard CMS

Orchard CMS URLs are not case sensitive, so the URL and URL are the same for Orchard, but not the same for search engines, like Google, so it's hurting your SEO to have the same page accessible on multiple URLs.

Orchard does not have any mechanism to co…

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Sql Server Tutorials

How to add audit trigger on a list of tables

For audit purpose you may be requested to add ModifyDate and ModifyBy columns for all your tables and create an audit trigger to automatically update that columns as soon as record was updated or inserted.

It is very easy to implement when you have one or two tables, but with 20-30 tables it may tak…

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Git Tutorials

Most useful Git commands. Git tips

Over the last few years working with Git source control system, I found a number of useful git commands which helped me a lot to solve non-trivial tasks related to Git source control system. I don't use this tips every day, usually it's only one or two time I used them in total, but knowing those gi…

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Git Tutorials

How to rename local branch in Git

If you want to rename local git branch you can do it using the following command

git branch -m old-branch-name new-branch-name

If you want to rename your current git branch you don't need to provide old branch name

git branch -m new-branch-name

how to rename git branch

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Git Tutorials

View changes before commit in Git

Usually before committing changes in Git developer verify one last time all changes he did. Normally we use git difftool command in order to do it. In that case git will ask you a question if you want to see changes before opening each file. When the number of changed files are big or when different…

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Git Tutorials

How to create branch from tag name in Git

Usually after deployment to production environment a new tag created in git marking successful production deployment, so later when working on defects it would be much easy to investigate any issues, having the same code as deployed to production. The best way to work with git tags is to create a ne…

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Yaplex ® is a custom software development company located in Mississauga, Ontario. Yaplex was founded in 2013 and provides website development, mobile development, and custom .NET software development services.

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