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Avoid Browser Pop-Up Blocker using JavaScript

How to avoid browser pop-up blockers on

It is a very common task to open a popup window in the browser to show some extra information to the user or, in my case, is to open a print-friendly version of the page. However, you need to be careful when implementing such a feature because if you do it incorrectly, your browser can block the pop…

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SSL domain certificate for Azure website from GoDaddy

More and more websites are migrating to https after Google announced changes in ranking results, where websites using https will be given better positions comparing with http.

I already migrated my websites to https and would like to share the process of setting up GoDaddy certificate for website ho…

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Orchard Cms

SEO improvements for Orchard CMS ASP.NET MVC website

I am very focused on excellent search engine optimization for websites which I develop for my clients, so during the years of my work with ASP.NET MVC I developed a number of helpful rewrite rules for IIS using web.config

The information below can be applied to any ASP.NET MVC website, not only to O…

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Wordpress Vs Orchard Cms 1

WordPress vs Orchard CMS

It's been about 1 year since I migrated from Wordpress to OrchardCMS for my personal website and blog and I developed 2 additional websites using Orchard CMS for my clients, so I want to share my experience how it went and if I can recommend Orchard CMS vs Wordpress.

I worked with Wordpress prior to…

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Orm Mapping

Micro ORM vs ORM

I have to use Micro ORM for one of my projects recently and want to share my experience with such micro ORM as Dapper or Peta Poco, as well as compare them with such ORM tools as EntityFramework or NHibernate.

When talking about micro ORM it usually does not matter which one to use, the differences …

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Sql Server Tutorials

Create custom user login for Azure SQL Database

Windows Azure user management is a little bit complicated, and unfortunately, there is no way to add users to existing database using Windows Azure management portal.

To add a new user to existing database in windows azure you have to do the following:

First, you need to create a new login on MASTER…

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Yaplex - Freelance developer - white logo on black background

Yaplex ® is a custom software development company located in Mississauga, Ontario. Yaplex was founded in 2013 and provides website development, mobile development, and custom .NET software development services.

Contact Information

Mississauga, ON, Canada
Phone: +1 647 328 3809