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Open New Window From Code Behind In ASP.NET

Open new window from code behind in ASP.NET

In the application I am working on, I have a task: open a new window from code behind code when the user clicks in the calendar.

This is a straightforward task and can be done with target="_blank" property of the link. But the calendar is server control, so if the user clicks on some date, there is a postback to server and page refreshed. Postbacks are not very good for user experience, and it was a lot of complaints in the previous version of the application because users can't use the back button and can't use the refresh button...

But I found an easy solution how to open a new window from code behind code and avoid problems with a postback.

Using update panel to open a new window from code-behind in asp.net

If I put the calendar in the update panel, I still can use server events, but it will be no page refresh for the user.

The other problem is how to open a new window from ajax request? But it can be done using JavaScript and ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock method. This method renders JavaScript code after ajax request finished.

Source code: How to open a new window from the code-behind file

I use user control to wrap calendar code and put this control inside of UpdatePanel:

And this is code for opening new window:

To open a new window using JavaScript, you can use the function window.open(), below is the source code:

UpdatePanel required ScriptManager, so do not forget to include it after the form tag.

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