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Office 365 and Nexus 7 tablet: How to Set up an Exchange account on Google Nexus 7 tablet

Our email hosting in the Cloud within Office 365 from Microsoft. And unfortunately my Nexus 7 tablet can’t detect Microsoft exchange server when I try to setup my email account. I never have any problems with iPhone or Outlook so I was puzzled why it does not work for me.

After I provided the email address and password and press next button I got a message “Couldn’t finish”, “Couldn’t open connection to server.”


I goggled about the issue, but did not found the solution, although it was a lot of questions how to do it. After some research I found how to setup Microsoft exchange account on Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Setting up Exchange email account on Google Nexus 7 tablet

Press “Home” button on your screen to get access to all applications and settings


Then go to Settings


And press “Add Account” button


Choose “Email” account from the list. (Probably for you can also choose “Corporate” but I did not verified if it will work and how)


Type your email address and password


And press “Exchange” button to select your account type


After that you will be navigated to a Server settings window, with default setting for your exchange server. But the default settings are incorrect, so you have to provide correct settings there.

Domain\Username full email address with name and domain your.name@domain.com
Password yours account password
Server Outlook server name (read below where you can find it) abcProd00111.outlook.com
Port default value 443
Use secure connection (SSL) default value check to use it
Accept all SSL certificates default value unchecked
Client certificate default value none

  The Exchange server name is the same as you see when you use webmail. For example in case of Microsoft Office 365 you type in your browser address “portal.microsoftonline.com” and after you provide your username and password it redirect you to address similar to “abcprd01234.outlook.com” In case if your company has it’s own dedicated Exchange server, the address can be similar to “owa.yourdomain.com”, but if you don’t know it, please ask your administrator.


Press Ok to allow remote security administration


Modify account options or leave default settings and press Next button


Give a name to account, or leave as default (your email address)


The last step is activate device administrator


That’s it. Now you can open Email from “All programs”


And enjoy reading email on your Nexus 7 tablet. Now all your mail are synchronised with Microsoft Exchange.


The article explained how to setup an Exchange account on Google Nexus 7 tablet.
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