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Asus Rt Ac66u Router

How to setup DNS on Asus RT-AC66U router

There is a great service unblock-us.com which helps watching Netflix for US region, as well as different services, such as Spotify. The service provides DNS addresses, which can be setup on Windows machine, Xbox or router to allow all devices to have access to US content. The service is pretty cheap, just $5 per month. The Asus RT-AC66U router is not in the list of supported routers, but still, it works great with unblock-us service and after changing DNS records all devices connected to the network are able to access US content. To setup DNS records on router navigate to and enter your username / password. Then open WAN in Advanced settings and choose "No" for "Connect to DNS Server automatically". Fill DNS server fields with values from below:

  • One:
  • Two:

The router will ask for reboot and after then you can watch US Netflix content from Canada. configure router to watch US netflix from Canada

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