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Umbraco Font Awesome Tinymce

TinyMce removes font awesome icons in Umbraco 8

When you try to add Font Awesome icons to the rich text editor in Umbraco, you notice that the icons getting removed from the editor, even editing HTML source, do not help to show Font Awesome icons.

Why does Umbraco editor discard Font Awesome icons?

The reason for this unexpected behavior is withi…

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Umbraco 8 Trailing Slash

How to remove trailing slash in Umbraco 8

When you work with Umbraco 8, you want the same style for all your URLs. In some cases, you want them ends with the trailing slash, like this:, and that is a default Umbraco 8 behavior.

In some cases, you prefer no slash, like this:, and in this c…

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Office Add In Dialog Messaging API

Office Add-in: Dialog API's messageParent not working

When building an Outlook plugin, I need a way to communicate between windows. The way Microsoft provides is to use Office messaging API. On your host you need to open a dialog and subscribe to dialog evens the following way:

        height: 60,

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How To Create 404 Page In Umbraco

How to create a custom 404 page in Umbraco 8

When you develop a new website using Umbraco, you may notice that the 404 page is intentionally left ugly and you need to make sure it does have some lovely template.

Default Umbraco 404 page is intentionally left ugly

It is possible and straightforward to create a great 404 page in Umbraco using just Umbraco CMS. It means that you do not need any w…

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Examples Most Useful Iis Rewrite Rules

Examples of my most useful IIS rewrite rules

Over the years or work as a .NET software developer, I noticed that I use the same IIS rewrite rules over and over again on different projects to solve the same business problems. Below I share examples of most useful IIS rewrite rules which I use.

Keep all your rules in a separate file

Technically …

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Google Recapture V3 With ASP.NET MVC. How To Stop Bots

Google reCapture v3 with ASP.NET MVC. How to stop bots

In this video, I will show how to secure your contact form with Google reCapture v3 on ASP.NET MVC.

The video shows step by step guide of

  • Creating a new instance of reCapture key in Google admin console;
  • generating the token on the contact form;
  • submitting token to the server for validation.

This …

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What Is Umbraco

How to install Umbraco on IIS

In this video, I showed how to install Umbraco on local IIS. The video may be helpful to developers just starting with Umbraco and want to play with it on the local machine.

If you want to learn more about Umbraco, please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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What Is Umbraco

What is Umbraco

In this video I giving a quick overview what is Umbraco and why you may want to use it. The video may be helpful for absolute beginners who never worked with Umbraco or any other CMS systems.

If you want to learn more about Umbraco, please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Yaplex - Freelance developer - white logo on black background

Yaplex ® is a custom software development company located in Mississauga, Ontario. Yaplex was founded in 2013 and provides website development, mobile development, and custom .NET software development services.

Contact Information

Mississauga, ON, Canada
Phone: +1 647 328 3809